The English Language Week at KazAtso

The English Language Week was held from December, 4 till December 8, 2017.

The main idea of this activity was to stimulate, develop, increase skills of English (speaking, listening, comprehension), strengthen the students’ abilities.

Students of different specialties have demonstrated the results of optional courses in the form of project presentation.

During this week students tried to share information, show their knowledge, level of English (including staff). Students of 1st and 2nd year and schoolchildren from schools #192, 123 participated in the English Language Olympiad. The best students V.Sivukhova, K.Kerimzhanov, etc.  were awarded with Diplomas and Certificates of Participation. During this week students were provided with the information about their specialties licenced in our Academy. They expressed benefits, privileges of each specialty, what abilities qualify someone for a job.

Expansion of English is a remarkable success story. English today is more widely spoken and written, than any other language has ever been.  It has become the language of the planet, the first truly global language. The largest broadcasting companies in the world (such as CBS, NBS, ABC, BCC CNN) transmit in English. English has no equals!

Students were very happy to watch excellent films in English (King Arthur, Love Actually, etc.). During the week students had the opportunity to listen to the radio information, to see the Exhibition of books in English.

We believe that this week was successful. We have implemented all the activities provided in the Program (see the Program).

We would like to express thanks to Stepan Stepanovich, Akbayan Eleusinovna,  Sanzhar, Zhanel, library workers, IT department, for their assistance, support and encouragement.

Org. Committee.

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