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The research work of institution

“Kazakh Academy of Labor and Social Relations”



  1. Formation of a scientifically based basis for the development of human capital in the Republic of Kazakhstan; professional development of subjects of the educational process of learning on the principles of integration of legal, economic and innovative knowledge, knowledge in the field of management and psychology, integration of science, professional education and practice;
  2. Promoting the improvement of national legislation that meets the interests of the socio-economic modernization of Kazakhstan; respectful attitude to the law and its strict observance.


Main directions:

• Research of interdisciplinary connections in the system and structure of scientific, humanitarian and professional knowledge

• Study of current issues related to the socio-economic development of Kazakhstan

• Investigation of the mechanisms of lawmaking and law enforcement practice for their improvement

• Study of legislation in the field of higher, postgraduate, vocational, technical, corporate and dual education, as well as in the field of entrepreneurship

• Investigation of the mechanisms of management and organization by the subjects of the educational system of the processes of training specialists for small, medium and large enterprises, as well as for government and self-government bodies


  1. Laboratory of Scientific-Methodological Support of Professional Training
  2. Laboratory of Advanced Education Technologies



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• Proceedings of the teaching staff – textbooks, study guides, monographs, etc.

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• Research Institute of the Kazakh Academy of Labor and Social Relations

• Patents, Certificates, Implementation Acts

• Plan of publishing books (2018-2019)

• Publications of teaching staff in international editions

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